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Winning Wines by Shuford and Mary Helen Smith


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“This is not just a list of wines, but rather an education of how and when to enjoy wine and what to expect from each varietal. For less than the price of most wines, you will gain this experience and will enjoy wine more than ever before.”
-- Terry Schager


“Now I have confidence to choose the best wine at the most affordable price when I take the book with me to the wine shop. I know what I’m looking for and what price to expect to pay. I’ve been very pleased with each recommended bottle from the book. Life is now simplified...what a deal for $9.95!”
-- Catherine McCrary


“A great list of affordable wines to keep with me for shopping day! In this economy, every penny helps. Now we can enjoy two bottles for what we used to spend on one!”
-- Cassandra Kennedy


“A simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow guide to drinking and appreciating the best wines priced under $15. Just like a cheat sheet, all information is at your fingertips — from what to look for in taste, to tips on how best to serve it.
This is a book I'll be using again and again.”
-- Monica Jones


"A valuable asset for any home."
-- D. Gleasner


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